100% Rare Jewels, Inc. -
About Us
The 100% Rare Jewelsorganization wasestablished in Gonzales, LA inOctoberof2010 bytwo sisters, Edris Lodge and Maletica Ferguson, in hopes ofmaking a differencefor thecommunity.
In support of the manyefforts of the past and future, we have partnered with a group of males who are presently known as "Rare Gems". They are with us to create a males prospective in leadership throughout the community.
We are anorganization created to provide an opportunity to come together and form a common bond that caters to the needs of our culture, youth, educational limitationsandthe forgotten elderlycommunity. We are strong, independentindividuals with a purpose, cause and promises in Christ Jesus.
Our vision is to create an environment that will foster leadership and maintain positive impacts throughout the
community by providing helpwhere it is needed.
Our mission is tohelp strengthen and build confidence in
our society sothatwe will be self-reliant to ensure changes for the future as we encourage the uniqueness within each other without judgement.
Realizing the purpose that we have in life,we"The JEWELS"will stand committed to our community and to
making a difference as we take thisjourney together.
Community Partners:
The Best Tax Service
A-1 Experts
EBRP Constables
BRPD Training Academy
Exclusive, Inc. Entertainment Productions
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